"Takeover" is a highly anticipated feature film starring Quavo and Billy Zane.
Responsibilities included creative direction, branding, logo design, site design and development, motion graphics, social AR filter design and creation, social content, and animation.
Taveover logo
logo design & exploration for the film
Logo and vibe explorations
Taveover world site
creative direction, webflow design and development, illustration, nft design
Taveover world Sliders Society logo
logo design & exploration for the accompanying web3 community
Freeky Wings
loGo, prop & merch design

Freeky wings is a fictional chicken wing restaurant in the takeover film.
Instagram and tiktok filters
design and development

AR filters created to INVITED users to immerse themselves in "takeover world"

THE SKI MASK CREW AR filter for instagram and tiktok allowed users to wear multiple ski mask that represented each crew, I also created an, ATlanta Police Department BODY CAM FILTER, and an in the Drivers seat police chase experience
Link to a Ski Mask Filter on TikTok
Link to a Police Body Cam Filter on Instagram
Horoscope instagram series
Lettering, color and animation. Charachter design by keef cross
Animated comics for tik tok and instagram
creative direction, design, and animation. Comic illustration by keef cross
nft cards and game assets
creative drirection, design, and animation. Comic illustration by keef cross

More work

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