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"Peter consistently urged our team to push the creative envelope and to think unconventionally in terms of design and animation. He fostered an environment in which my colleagues and I were free to sketch and spitball our weirdest ideas in order to deliver the best possible creative—and it worked!"
Lauren Payne
Designer and Animator
"Not only is he uber talented and creative, but Peter is also a really good leader. He is empathetic and kind while providing clear and calm direction even in stressful situations with unrealistic timelines and ever changing requirements. He respects others and they him - from the highest-level executive all the down to the first day intern."
Dene Sheperd
Project Manager
"Peter is skilled at communicating with third party vendors such as App Developers. He has the same ease in working and communicating with Technical Directors, Project/Program Managers, and executives across projects."
Kristy Sottilaro
Senior Technical Program Manager