creative director
As Creative Director at Adult Swim I held a large role in shaping Adult Swim’s overall strategy. My work and ideas extended to all facets of the network, including site and app design, management, social content and strategy, live events, live show development, marketing, and brand positioning.
Adult swim mobile & TV apps
Creative Direction, UI/UX, Managment of 3rd party vendors and internal developers, focus group testing, QA
image of apple tv with adult swim app displayed
app main navigation
app navigation
app show index page
app show poage
app live stream
app chat settings
app profile page
app comic page
Adult swim website
creative direction, design, site & content management, focus group testing
image displaying the adult swim website on multiple devices
adult swim homepage with Decker featured
adult swim music page
adult swim Venture Bros. show page
Station id's and show promos
creative direction, animation
more on vimeo!
illustration, lettering, design
BLACK JESUS PROMO HAND holding tomatao with marijuana leaves
Black Jesus animated show promo
Black Jesus I aint no Snitch
SuperJail promo
Black Dynamite Season Finale Graphic
Mr. Pickles dancing on a table with heads impaled on his hands and feet
Adult Swim Live
a free live streaming network with original live shows filmed daily.
creative direction, show concepting, Logos, Motion Graphics
Adult Swim SOCIAL
curation and creative direction for adult swim comics, a curated weekly comic realease featuring some of the world's best comic artist. THE COMICS were our top performing content on social.
Alex Gamsu Jenkins comic in an instagram mockup
Pul Kirchner comic
Bricks on Dirt Benjamin Mara Comic
We featured an abundance of exceptional musical guests on the Adult Swim live streams. Below are a few of my favorite Instagram stories promoting the appearances of these phenomenal artists.
creative direction, illustration, lettering, design
Adult Swim skull tshirt
Fishcenter trading card packaging
Adult Swim streams tote with art by ths.nu
Fishcenter prayer candles
Dottie enamel pin

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